17 07 14
So I’ve joined boutique production company 40 Partners to lead their Brand Content division.
Look at the the charming way I am talked about at www.40partners.com. 
Why thank you.x

So I’ve joined boutique production company 40 Partners to lead their Brand Content division.

Look at the the charming way I am talked about at www.40partners.com

Why thank you.x

09 07 14

Director and Producer: Matthew Peltier

Throw back to a Livity Studios x Channel 4 campaign we did for Top Boy series two. The #YourCut campaign was aired on both all terrestrial and digital channels and the Channel 4 website. 

07 07 14

Director: Matthew Peltier

A quick Problem With Authority promo, directed by me with the legend that is Tim Westwood.

A simple and direct concept that was shot and produced in a matter of days; it put Heck Foods on the radars of a young, switched on, new media savvy audience. Using Tim was a genius move as his lengthy career (he interviewed Nas in ‘91) to his current Capital Xtra residency means that audiences, young and old, serious and funny, will find something in him to enjoy. 

He was also a pleasure to work with and one of the most professional celebs I’ve worked with of late. 

Yeah Baaaaaaby!

15 05 14

StreetFest x Spotlight powered by somewhereto_.  Episode 5. 

The Spotlight covered the London based urban culture event in Hackney, producing five films in one day. 

Episode 5 - We spoke to up and coming pop queen Shannon Saunders and catch her performances on the day. 

Matthew Peltier: Creative Lead & Senior Producer

13 05 14

Director/Senior Producer: for Livity.co.uk

What do you get when you put an amazing young person (Matti Hemmings - BMX Champion) in and amazing place (Tate Modern, London) to watch him do an amazing thing (Flatlining)? 

You get this. 

somewhereto_, a youth initiative helping young people unlock spaces around the UK to be creative, took to the famous London gallery to help Matti make his own kind of art. 

Check out somewhereto.com for more info on how you can get involved. 

27 09 13

Keep Moving With Blackberry - Livity  Studios hits the ad world with its first fully in-house production for the mighty #Blackberry

A Livity Production.
Produced and Directed by Matthew Peltier for Livity.
Director of Photography: Mark Emberton

05 08 13
27 07 13

Top Boy - Your Cut. Livity for Channel 4.

Featuring UK rap stalwart Kano, this promo for Channel 4’s Your Cut competition gave the audience the chance to cut their own trailer for series two of the award winning Top Boy. The competition saw over 800 entries whittled down to the winning four, which were then aired after each episode of the programme.

The promo was trailed across the internet to promote the competition as well as having 200+ slots on Channel4, E4 and More4. 

Produced and Directed in-house by Matthew Peltier for Livity.

Director of Photography Neil Gordon.


21 05 13

Stuff in slow-mo just looks dope. On the #Sony #Fs700

Using expensive cameras and desirable warehouse locations to their full capacity. With Jake G. 

02 04 13

These are the views of the artist and not necessarily the views of the director.

New $strange Days video coming soon - ‘Ride With Me’

Watch this space. https://twitter.com/STRANGEDAYS09

29 09 12

Caan vs Hiero ft Peltier …coming soon


I see some intercontinental callabo ish needing to happen here with 

http://hiero-glyph.com/ & http://iamcaan.com.

I’ll direct.

12 07 12
09 07 12

Kay2 x The $trange Days - Live to Let You Shine

Directed by myself Matthew Peltier, the video and concept was written by me and shot over two days in North London.

Kay2 x The $trange Days like their name straddle two worlds, two rapper/producers, constantly contrasting music styles and each other to create their distinctive and eclectic sound.

Love fuelled raps dripped over dark and haunting melodies, to songs that deliver that extreme hatred for a love lost almost contradicted by ballad like production. K2x$D are haunting storytellers x beautiful song makers, in equal measure.

I wanted to build on this already filmic world that K2x$D had created by telling a story of ‘extreme love’, a love the causes victims on both sides.

I wanted to express what lengths the obsessed might go to get what they wanted in the name of passion. Starring the angel like talents of Charlotte Hunter and the K2x$D boys themselves we set out to make a film with an amazing soundtrack rather than just another music promo.

'Live to Let You Shine' is a beautiful song with a horror-film like intensity and I sought only to strength the emotional narrative K2x$D offer us with images that both compliment and contrast each other while being equally beautiful and haunting.


10 05 12

UK rap stalwart Smiler blesses the crowd at Yoyo London with his rock refix SBTV F64. He kills it, the crowd go cray: done.

Directed, shot and edited: Matthew Peltier